Our offer


The first step is to open an account with Laisser Passer. If you use our services regularly, you will receive a detailed monthly invoice listing all the services provided.
Invoices are prepared and sent via email.
Payment can be done remotely by bank card or via a secure payment page.

If you so wish, we can invoice your client directly once the travel order is completed and they can pay remotely with a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

Laisser Passer requires payment of the travel order before the start of service. Unlike a product, a service cannot be taken back in case of default of payment. This rule applies to all new accounts opened with us.

In case of last-minute cancellation, you will be invoiced for the full service fee. Our work is solely based on reservations, sometimes many days or weeks in advance. Thus, we must set aside a chauffeur and a vehicle for the length of time specified in each booking. When a client cancels at the last minute, we are unable to reassign these resources to another booking.
The vehicle and chauffeur stay idle and we cannot recoup the lost revenues.

Laisser Passer high level of customer service excellence is contingent on these payment terms.