Our advice

How to calculate the service cost?

Time, expertise and investments are needed to guarantee a high-quality service:

  • In order to guarantee perfect punctuality, chauffeurs must have sufficient time margins between assignments. The number of daily assignments per chauffeur and the profitability of each vehicle goes down accordingly. These time margins, our guarantee of reliability, come at a cost.

  • The quality of service greatly depends on the quality of the chauffeurs. They are experienced veterans in the field, not beginners with less skills and experience.

  • The quality of vehicles: high-end models, new generation, under manufacturer’s maintenance and thoroughly cleaned every day.

    For all the above reasons, avoid low-cost companies offering car rental with chauffeurs. Otherwise, you will soon come to realize that you spent your money on a façade and not a real service with guaranteed punctuality and a chauffeur that will be there and fully available when you need him.

    Laisser Passer service costs are tightly calculated. For instance, as a comparison, the hourly cost to book a bilingual chauffeur for several hours with a Mercedes Class E sedan (70,000 € purchase price) is almost twice as low as the hourly labor cost of a car mechanic.