Our company


All chauffeurs with our company are seasoned professionals used to city driving, navigating urban traffic and skilled customer service providers trained according to Laisser Passer’s stringent standards. In their hands, you will enjoy a smooth drive along the optimal route for a comfortable journey.

Laisser Passer draws its inspiration from its founder, Jean-François Faduilhe. As Mademoiselle Jeanne Moreau’s private chauffeur for over fifteen years, he cultivated the twin virtues of discretion and service excellence during a long professional career serving a prestigious clientele.

Jean-François’ personality has left its mark on Laisser Passer over his thirty years as director of the company. Seasoned driver, avid mountaineer and helicopter pilot, these passions require the very qualities he also applies to his professional life: high standards and attention to details with nothing left to chance, as well as professionalism that builds trust.

« It is a personal goal of mine to welcome every single guest and make him feel appreciated and valued. I want guests to feel the sincerity of my feelings and this is something I try to pass on to my team. I believe that this is key to excel in my profession. »