Our advice

A safe journey

Security greatly depends on the quality of the vehicle and on the drivers’ professionalism.
It is important to check that the mechanical aspects of the vehicle have been thoroughly vetted and that it is properly insured as a “Voiture de Tourisme avec Chauffeur” (Passenger car with chauffeur). As for the chauffeur, he must have extensive experience with passenger transportation in urban areas with dense traffic, have perfect knowledge of his environment, and adapt the route to avoid traffic.

Laisser Passer’s chauffeurs are first and foremost your guides.
Anxious for your journey to be as smooth as possible, expert drivers with an in-depth knowledge of Paris and of the greater Paris area, they anticipate every possible issue and constantly readjust the itinerary in order to bring you to your destination safely and on time. The chauffeur-guide is especially aware of the importance of fostering a harmonious relationship between his passenger and the environment. To this end, he will deliver high-quality driving that guarantees your safety.

Because traveling in style is first about taking care of people, our chauffeurs-guides are reliable, punctual, discreet and attentive. They pride themselves on their flawless dress code and on showing consideration for their passengers including observation of strict confidentiality.  

We provide bilingual French/English chauffeurs on request.